Server extensions.



I am having a great deal of trouble with a particular web hosting service.
They say that frontpage extensions are working but when I publish my site I
get warnings about server extensions. Note that everything works except for
form submission. Also every time i publish the site, well sites plural, I
have issues with publishing only changed pages so I have to overwrite the
remote every time. Also when i try to publish to a "frontpage server" it
does not work so I have to publish to an ftp.



Thomas A. Rowe

Every time you use FTP, you are corrupting the extensions, you need try and solve the issue with
your host, not use FTP as a solution.

Ask you host to re-install / repair the extensions, then DO NOT use FTP, instead when you have a
problem ask the web host to run a server health check on the extensions.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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