Server 2003 won't auto-answer incoming fax calls



I have a problem with our Windows Server 2003 Standard edition (not SBE, but
hopefully someone on here can offer some advice) not answering incoming fax

I have a brand new USRobotics/3Com External 56K V.Everything modem connected
to COM2 on an HP Proliant 1600R. It's connected to an analogue phone line,
not going through our company PBX. We can send faxes perfectly well.
However, when receiving faxes, the system will answer 2, maybe 3 in a row,
but then not answer at all until the modem device is disabled and re-enabled
again. Occasionally, clicking "Answer Now" will pick up the call but this
isn't a solution to this problem as it has to be fully automatic.

I've done the following in an attempt to get this working:

* Dropped the baud rate down to 19,200
* Disabled compression
* Increased number of rings from 2 to 6 (however, when the problem occurs,
the Fax Monitor does not even show that the line is "Ringing")
* Tried three different modems and cables

I'm pulling my hair out over this. Can anyone offer any advice on what I
can look at next?





This problem is now resolved.

It was fixed by process of elimination. I tied it down to the fact that one
aged fax/printer device was causing the system to fall over, so investigated
the configuration of that particular device - a Brother MFC9050.

There's an option in it's menu structure called PBX. This was set to "OFF"
as the device used to be on it's own dedicated line at our old premises.
However, when we moved to our new site it was moved so it now sits on our
internal PBX. The PBX option was still set to be "OFF" so was changed to
"ON". This fixed the problem.

Many thanks to Brandy Nee for her suggestion of swapping the modem for a
3Com Courier V.Everything - things were definately better with this model of
modem, but it was ultimately the PBX option that fixed the fault.

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