Server 2003 - Front Page Local Authentication



I am trying to build a new server and import my old website.

When I try to log in through Front Page or the browser based Front
Page Administration page on the server it will not accept any user
names or password. These are web sites on the same server.

I can go to the machine plugged in next to it and it works fine.

Server 2003 R2 Enterprie Edition Service Pack 1 running Front Page
2002 extensions. All the latest updates.

I have tried this with and without the firewall.

Any ideas?




David Berry

Are you access it by the domain name, IP Address or "localhost"? Do you
have IE7 installed on that machine? If you have IE7 installed do this:

In IE7 go to Tools | Internet Options | Security | Local Intranet | Sites |
Advanced and
add localhost to the list. (or the IP Address)

Add http://localhost to the Intranet zone, and set security for that
zone to automatically log on.

Open IE7, then Tools->Internet Options
Click Security tag, then Local Intranet,
Click Sites button
Click Advanced
Type in http://localhost in the box labeled "Add this website to this
Click Add
(you may have to clear the checkbox "Require server verification
(https:) for all sites in this zone")
Click Close
Click OK

Click Custom Level
Scroll down to User Authentication
Select "Automatic Logon only in Intranet Zone"
Click OK
Click OK


Thanks David,

I followed the steps and it was all ready set to this way.

Is this a common issue?



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