Help! Cannot Import Navigation



I recently migrated my Front Page website to a new Windows 2003 Server from
Windows XP. I am supporting a very small non-profit. To allow web editing I
setup our web editors with remote desktop and they log in and edit the
website using Front Page 2003 right on the web server. My users are not savvy
so all they have to do is click save to publish.

So i have migrated the site, which is working great on the new server. I
have installed Front Page 2003 on the server, but when I go to open the
website and/or edit it in Front Page, the navigation and theme disappear! I
can load the exitsting theme, but I can't figure out how to import the
navigation into front page. I'd rather not rebuild the navigation from
scratch. How can I discover my existing navigation on my new server in Front
Page 2003? I really need to give my editors access soon as we need to apply
some updates.


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