Sending a distribution list from one PC to another Outlook 2007



Currently I have multiple PCs that I use (one main system and several test
system) and often I need to send emails from one of the test systems. All of
my systems have Office 2007 installed. Recently I had the requirement to
send an email from a test system to a group of people. On my main system I
had already created a distribution list so on the main system I opened the
distribution list, clicked on Send, selected "Internet Format (vCard)" and
sent the distribution list. BTW this is the same method I used to send a
single contact and it worked.

On the receiving system when I opened the email I noticed I had a TXT
attachment, sure enough it was a TXT file. I went back to my main system
(the distribution list was still open) I clicked on Send, selected "In
Outlook Format" and sent the distribution list (this is the first time I've
used this option).

On the receiving system I opened the second email and then opened the
attachment (it looked like a distribution list) and then saved it. I then
attempted to use it and was informed "You must fist enter a valid e-mail
address for this contact before Outlook can send mail to it." I reviewed the
distribution list (it was still open, I even clicked "Save & Close" and
still it gave me the same message).

I then deleted all of the contacts in the distribution list, opened the text
attachment on the first email, copied the contacts to the clipboard, in the
distribution list I clicked "Select Members" and pasted the content of the
clipboard in the "Members" section. I then saved the distribution list and
attempted to use it, still I get the same error message.

I then closed the distribution list and opened a new email, typed in the
name of the distribution list and clicked on the "Check Names" ribbon item,
nothing happened. I then clicked on the plus sign before the distribution
list, I got the standard warning message, clicked OK and the list was
expanded. I then canceled the email.

Back in Outlook in the search address books field I typed in the first two
characters of the distribution list and press ENTER, I was expecting to see
a list of two names (I should now have two distribution list that start with
these two characters) but the other list was opened. I closed the list, and
entered the entire name in the search address books field, the list could
NOT be found.

I then looked at my contacts (view is Phone List) and I don't see the list.
I went back to the email that had the Outlook format attachment and opened
the attachment, now there are no entries in the list.

I then open a NEW distribution list, typed in the desired name, went to the
email with the TEXT attachment, copied the contacts to the clipboard, went
back to the distribution list, clicked "Select Members", pasted the
clipboard into the "Members" section and then OK. I now see the contacts in
my distribution list. In outlook I typed the first two characters of the
distribution list and hit ENTER. I now see two distribution list (as
expected). I can now use the distribution list without issue.

Question: Why cannot I send a distribution list in vCard format from one
system to another and what the heck is "Outlook Format" when sending a

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Answer has been posted here many times. DL's are proprietary Outlook Items
and as such they adhere to no Internet Standards (like vCards). There is
only one reliable way to send DL's intact to other Outlook users. Insert it
as an Outlook Item in an RTF message.

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