Distribution List Conflict



I set up a distribution list in Outlook and gave it a name.

Then I needed to remove one email address from the distribution list. Since
I couldn't figure out how to remove one email address from the list, I just
deleted the list and created a new list using the same name.

My outlook auto-fills previously entered email addresses in the To field and
now whenever it auto-fills the distribution list name, it says that
distribution list is no longer valid. This is most likely happening because
the distribution list I deleted had the same name as the new one I replaced
it with.

How do I fix this so that when it auto-fills the distribution list name, it
sends the email to the new distribution list? I want to avoid using a
different distribution list name if at all possible.

Russ Valentine

Whenever you change a DL you must also remove its entry from the
autocompletion cache. When it appears on the suggested names list, highlight
it with your arrow key and hit Delete.

Sue Mosher [MVP]

If you delete the autocomplete entry, everything should be back to normal.

To remove a member from a DL, use the Remove command. If you need further
assistance, please give your Outlook version.


I am using Outlook 2007. Can you please tell me how to add new members and
remove existing members from a distribution list?

Thank you.

Russ Valentine

She already did:
To remove a member: select the member > hit the Remove button on the Ribbon
To add a member: Hit "Select Members" or "Add New" on the Ribbon

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