Outlook 2007 Distribution List Update Problem


M Kalmus

I have Outlook 2007 installed on Windows XP SP2.

I created a distribution list of employees' SMS email addresses,
permitting us to broadcast a single text message to all employees
simultaneously. However, I am unable to update, add, or delete
addresses from our original distribution list.

When I selected the distribution list from the Address Book feature,
the correct distribution list is displayed, but when I am composing an
email message and select the distribution list for the To field, the
original, inaccurate distribution list is displayed, with former
employees' addresses and missing current employees addresses.

How do I get the autofill feature of Outlook to display the current
correct distribution list?

M Kalmus

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

You can't. If you intend to use DL's you should never use autocompletion.
Your choice.
DL's don't even update reliably in the information store. Most users I know
have abandoned DL's long ago. They are far more trouble than they are worth
and Microsoft appears to have no intention of making them functional.
Feb 3, 2009
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How do the users you speak of send to multiple recipients easily? Do they use AD distribution and require IT to maintain?


maybe, if i read your question right. in the to: start typing and when the
autocomplete comes up, use the arrow keys to highlight it and then press the
delete key. that has worked for me. then when you type in the name it gets
the newest one.

there is something about distribution lists and the autocompete issue. it is
like it saves a copy of the list with the name in some temp file.

anyway, that has worked for me.

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