Why won't my contacts add to a distribution list?



I imported a lengthy list of email addresses (as a CSV file) into my Contacts
folder in Outlook. I intend to add them to a distribution list. When I
select them under the "Select Members" box and try to add them to the "Add to
distribution list:", the following are the only symbols that show up- ; ; ;
; .
And the contacts I imported are not added to the distribution list.
Contacts I have manually added to Outlook go into the distribution list very
Any suggestions as to how to get those contacts into the distribution list
without having to manually add them will be helpful.




Russ Valentine

Imported Contacts rarely work as they should especially if you imported them
incorrectly. Have you examined these Contacts to see if they have valid,
resolved email addresses? This behavior suggests they do not.
If they don't then you will need to post full detail on how you imported
them and how you mapped fields.

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