send and receive faxes from windows XP using a modem





Depends on version of Winxp, if pro there is Windows Fax, otherwise using
the fax software supplied with your modem

Bruce Chambers

deal said:
I have home edition and the modem did not come with any software?

So, are you sure that you have a "faxmodem," and not just a regular
modem? If you actually have a true "faxmodem," its manufacturer may
have fax software available at little or no cost. If all you have is a
regular modem, you'll need to purchase and install a faxmodem; so just
make sure you buy one that comes with software compatible with WinXP Home.


Bruce Chambers

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How can I send and receive faxes from windows XP using a modem?

Also, you need to make sure that you use a standard dial-up "analog"
modem and not a Cable or DSL modem. These last two categories, the
unit will only send a "digital" signal over Cable or telephone wire
and is only for Internet access.




I went to accessories and instlled the XP (home edition) fax which came with
XO and it is sending the faxes but I canot attach any files to it does
nybody know how to get that working


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