Security Center icon in notification area


George Hester

I have Windows XP Professional SP2 not in a domain. It used to be but isn't
now. The XP firewall is disabled; there is no anti-virus on the machine;
and Automatic Updates is set to notify only. The Security Center icon
continues to appear in the notification area and I cannot seem to stop that
from happening. Somethimes when I double-click that icon the appearing
Window is showning that the Firewall is on, but when I go to the Security
Center to turn it off it is still off. When I close out of that Window and
again double-click the Security Center icon in the system tray it will show
it is off but the icon never goes away in the system tray. Is there
something I can do to keep that Security Center icon from appearing in the
notification area? Thanks.

Rich Barry

George go to SecurityCenter Icon in the Control Panel. Open and in the
left hand pane click on Change the way Security Center alerts me and
uncheck the firewall box.

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