Security- Can Outlook block code that runs in the Preview Pane



Security- Can Outlook block code designed to run when a message is viewed in
the Preview Pane? Do I need to set up particular settings to do so that are
not obvious? (I have used a few different e-mail clients before.) Registry
settings? Plug-ins from a third party?

I just switched from another client. Thamks in advance, everyone.


William Lefkovics [MVP]


You are pretty much safe with Outlook 2003 sp2. There have been preview
pane issues in the past and there may be again (except they'll be called
'reading pane' issues), but security has improved in this regard.


Diane, all, thanks for comments. I am using Outlook 2000 from my Office 10
disks until my new tablet arrives and I install a fresh, never-opened Office
2003 Professional. I don't believe I have asked for a Service Pack for this v
of Office so although one month may seem like a short time I will put some
more protection in place, as this set of program disks were possibly
purchased in early 2000, I have to keep this laptop clean.

I will try the Office update site and investigate Chilton for my wife's
Eudora client. Again, thanks!

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