Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB Mobile Device Storage


Feb 23, 2002
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Nikktech have a review of the Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB, a mobile storage device which allows you to access the drive over WiFi:

The Wireless Plus Mobile Device Storage is basically a 2.5" hard disk drive housed inside an state of the art aluminum/plastic USB 3.0 enclosure that features an internal WiFi receiver/transmitter and a rechargeable battery which gives it up to 10 hours of life. Via the WiFi receiver/transmitter you can access the data inside the drive with up to 8 WiFi enabled devices, stream HD media content on up to 3 WiFi enabled devices (3 different movies to 3 different devices) and also share your internet connection with up to a total of 7 WiFi enabled devices. The 2.5" hard disk drive placed inside the Wireless Plus 2TB is actually the Samsung/Seagate SpinPoint M9T model that features 3 platters (each 667GB in capacity), a rotational speed of 5400RPM and 32MB of cache. In this review we will not only be taking a look at the Seagate Media App that allows sharing of files, streaming of digital content and sharing your internet connection but we will also test the Wireless Plus 2TB as a regular USB 3.0 PHD to see what you can expect in terms of wired performance

Read the review here:

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