Corsair Voyager Air 2


Mar 25, 2003
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Hexus have been taking a look at the Corsair Voyager Air 2 wireless storage device, and here's a snippet from their review:

"Corsair's initial foray into the burgeoning wireless-storage market arrived in the form of the Voyager Air last year. Housing a 1TB, 2.5in drive inside a chassis that also incorporated a LiPo battery and WiFi card - good for about six hours of mobile streaming usage - Corsair was up against some established competition from the likes of Seagate.

Good wirelessly-connected storage is more than just about picking the right hardware. Rather more important is the software interface and quality of applications present on the Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon Kindle ecosystems. So while the original Voyager Air was good from a features point of view, the basic interface, though perfectly serviceable, lagged behind rivals'.

Corsair introduced a second-generation model, Voyager Air 2, a couple of months ago at the Computex trade show, a year on from the original release. It is now housed in a smarter chassis and bundled with overhauled software."


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