Scrolling Up Skips to Top of Document



When scrolling up in a large Word Document certain points of the document
will cause the view to skip up to the 1st page (skipping 100+ pages). I am
using Microsoft Word 2003, SP3. This happens in multiple documents, but often
at certain places in the document -- I am unable to determine what is causing
the view to jump to the 1st page; I don't have any bookmarks but do utilize a
lot of document styles.

Seth Sonenthal

I have this exact same issue as well! I am hoping someone finds out what is
causing this and posts a solution to this thread.

Seth Sonenthal

I think I fixed it.

I did a show all characters and found some field codes through out my doc
that I did not need. So on a lark I removed all of them and so far the
problem when away.

There may be something else that may of resolved this however since I did
all of this clean up at once, I think the field codes are it!


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