Scrolling through word document



Can I turn off the new scrolling feature that seems to be popping up in some
programs which causes the cursor to jump to the next page as soon as it hits
the bottom of previous page? I scroll with arrows quickly through documents
looking for items, but my eyes scan the top part of the page as it goes by.
When the cursor gets to the bottom, the page jumps to the next one and I then
have to scroll back up to view the bottom 1/2 that I missed. It's driving me
nuts. This is not the only program I have encountered this in recently, so I
believe it may be the next great thing, but it's not for me.

Peter T. Daniels

Sounds like you're talking about Word2007. Uncheck "Use smart
cursoring" In Office Button > Word Options > Advanced > Editing
Options (1st batch), seventh down.

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