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I recently installed Service Pack 2 on my computer, running Windows XP
Professional. Ever since, whenever I resumed from the screen saver, I had
the classic logon dialog (MSGINA) instead of the new Windows XP Welcome
Screen. In addition, on the Display Properties, Screen Saver tab, my choice
had changed from 'On resume, display Welcome screen' to 'On resume, password

After reading numerous message threads on this newsgroup and trying all of
the suggestions, I finally discovered the fix. The reg file from Kelly's
Korner does NOT work - it merely disables the 'On resume' function
altogether. The other various suggestions and registry modifications also
did not work, such as modifying 'Select logon and logoff options' from the
User Accounts applet; mine already had 'Use the Welcome screen' and 'Use
Fast User Switching' set correctly.

I did find that adding another user restored the my ability to 'On resume,
display Welcome screen' but that was not an acceptable solution for me. The
correct fix is to remove ASPNET from the SpecialAccounts UserList in the
System Registry. Here's how:

Launch RegEdit and navigate to:


and delete the 'ASPNET' key. That's it. You don't even need to reboot. This
list of Special Accounts allow you to autologon to an account if there is
only one user on the system and it has no password set. If, in the future,
you wish to remove the password from a single-user system, add the ASPNET
key back to the SpecialAccounts list, and it will bypass the Welcome screen.

The Doctor
(e-mail address removed)




I tried that on XP home and there was no APSNET account, is there
something different that i need to do?



Ramesh, MS-MVP

ASP NET account is added after you install the .NET Framework update from
MS. BTW, what's the original issue you're facing?

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