Scary happenings mixing MS hardware



My Vista Ultimate has run flawlessly with my Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. I
added the keyboard from the Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 and strange things
are happening.

The USB dual receiver will not pick my mouse so I have 2 receivers on my
desk. Everything works fine but as my system resumes from standby my menus
and task bar start flashing and are unusable. Sometimes my speakers just do a
little pa pa pa pa... for 5 seconds. I have disabled the dual receiver in my
mouse entry in Device Manager to no avail. I uninstalled it and it comes back
after a reboot. I don't want the simple 3 button mouse supplied with the
keyboard. Maybe the IntelliType software is doing this? I think 2 receivers
may be causing interference. I guess I'm lucky that everything works
perfectly until my system goes into standby.



Here is another troubleshooting guide:

Problems such as you are having typically are caused by driver issues,
likely some incompatibility problems with the system. If updating drivers
and completing the indicated troubleshooting steps don't resolve your issues,
try contacting the official Microsoft Support. This forum is a user's group
comprised mostly of users who get together to help each other. While there
are experts that contribute information here, the official Microsoft Support
may have a different approach. Who knows.


Thanks for the help. I didn't get any results from any of the tips. I believe
it's in the wake up procedure. I always keep my wireless mouse set so it
cannot bring the system out of sleep. The wireless keyboard isn't bringing it
out of sleep like my older PS2 version did. I have hadissues before with
wirelessm devices bringing systems out of standby/sleep modes. Now I'm
racking my brain trying to come up with a way to wake my system up without
using the wireless devices.

Thanks again for the help and info,


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