No Standby after MS Laser 6000 mouse



I just switched my mouse from a MS Wireless Explorer 2 to a MS Wireless Laser
6000 mouse. I already was using Intellipoint 6.1. Everything works great but
my system won't turn off the monitor or go into standby. It has always
promptly went into standby. Iuninstalled Intellipoint and reinstalled so I
ocould choose the 6000 during setup. I have change the power settings,
restarted several times to no avail. I can force it into standby and it
works. It just won't go automatically. I notice in the Power Management
settings of the mouse in Device Manager, the Allow comouter to turn this
device off is grayed out.
I love my new mouse but this has put a dark cloud over it.

Sharyn Mitchell

I was having the same problem using the same mouse. I was told to go to the
Microsoft Download site and download the following.
I did and my screensaver and standby are now working fine.

Hope this helps
Sharyn Mitchell


YES! It works! It was right there in the MS update. I am set to auto-notify
and after all the restarts I have done trying to get my standby working I
would have thought there would have been a notification. The screen saver
works, my monitor went into standby and I'm sure my system will also. I just
couldn't wait to see because I can finally enjoy my new mouse and learn to
use it.

Thank you!

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