"Scanner and Camera Wizard cannot operate..."?



I picked up a gadget called a SmartDisk FotoChute - it's a 20GB USB-OTG
device that can be used to download a camera "in the field". It does that
just fine, but when I connect it to the computer and instruct the Scanner and
Camera Wizard to download photos from it, I get a popup that says this:

"The Scanner and Camera Wizard cannot operate on this device because some of
its files and folders may be secured by Windows. To work with pictures on
this device, click Start, click My Computer, and then double-click the
device. [OK]"

Unfortunately, this breaks one of the main reasons I got this device - to be
able to use the wizard to download as if I were downloading from the camera.
I haven't been able to find any way to get around this - I know Google is my
friend, but my friend didn't come through in this case. I've already tried
assigning it a different drive letter and making sure that there are no
hidden system files being written there (e.g. turned off System Restore on
the drive).

This seems like a relatively rare occurrence - there aren't a lot of search
engine hits on parts of that phrase. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone
know a way to make it stop happening?

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