Scam anti-spyware programs

Aug 25, 2008
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Hi, ironically my spyware problem is from fake spyware protection programs infiltrating my computer. They keep creating pop-ups that automatically keep opening the program which slows the computer down and I have to keep exiting out of, also I keep getting fake alerts that pretty much say that if I don't buy this program my computer is doomed. I recenty downloaded "Spyware Doctor" to get rid of these threats because alot of sites said it was reliable and the program did'nt come advertising to me. So I have a couple questions, is Spyware Doctor reliable or is it another scam, and what program is reliable for removing threats and annoying anti-spyware pop-ups because for most programs I have to buy a subscription because they only identify the threats. Also I could use a liile bit more info about these fake anti-spyware programs.


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