Scaling Embedded Excel Objects



I have a document to be used as a template. In it I have several embedded
links to that all direct back to the same excel spreadsheet. When I create a
new copy of the word doc to fill in and then re-path the links to the new
copy of the excel document the view of the excel document changes and some of
what I am looking for goes out of view. How can I scale the view inside of
the embedded object?

Graham Mayor

Save your document as a template and create new documents from it.

If you Paste Special your link as a bitmap, it will retain the appearance of
the original Excel segment when you update the link, but at the size of the
image you set in Word. This applies also to the two picture options. If you
want the information from a single cell to match the text in your document,
paste the link as unformatted text.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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