Saving Image to SD Flash Fails (WinXP Photos)



We have several digital cameras that we take photos with. My wife always
renames them to be something she can use (instead of P1011432.JPG).

My wife and I have both noticed from this last batch that we can not copy
all files to a SD Flash Card for displaying in our Digital Picture frame.

We load the SD Flash Card into our card reader, plug into the USB port,
select files in Windows Explorer, and Drag-N-Drop them onto the SD Flash Card.

Most work, but many fail with the unhelpful "Error Copying File or Folder"
Message Box that only says, "Cannot copy 20080814-045: The directory or file
cannot be created."

These files consistantly can not be copied.

Even though the error message from Windows does not display an extension,
all of these files are JPEG images.

She can not get this to work on her WinXP Home PC, and I can not get it to
work on my WinXP Pro SP3 machine.

Is there something in the pictures' Image Properties that prevents photos
from one camera from being copied to the same SD Flash Card that has photos
from another camera? (That is what it is acting like) Otherwise, the files
are not read only, hidden or archive files.

Thanks for any help you can throw my way!



Thanks, Mr. Inzer. I never would have guessed that.

All of the files copied over easily after placing them in separate folders.

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