Save Send On Behalf E-mail to Send on Behalf Sent Box



I am trying to find a simple way to save mail that is sent on behalf of
someone to that person's Sent Items folder instead of the Sent Items folder
of the person that physically sends the e-mail.

We have a general e-mail account set up that several users have Owner and
Send on Behalf Editor permissions for. The mailbox for that account has been
added using Tool-Services-Exchange to each of the users outlook profiles so
that they see the separate general Inbox and Sent folder whenever they open

The problem is that when any user replies to mail sent to that account the
mail gets saved to their own Sent Items and not to the Sent Items for the
general mailbox that they are "sending on behalf of."

I found this article from Microsoft's support website,, which technically would work but
it's not really helpful. It describes how to create a form with a set
category, and then a rule is applied based on that category to move the
e-mail to the specfied folder upon sending it. That would only be helpful if
there is a way to automatically use that form when replying to the e-mail
sent to the general mailbox.

Does anyone have a better solution to automatically route Sent Mail to the
Send on Behalf person's Sent Items instead of to the actual sender's Sent



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