send mail "On behalf of"



Still found no satisfying answer about sending a mail "On behalf of".
searching the internet does not help me out.

I am ussing: Exchange 2003 / Outlook 2007

User A want to send a new message "On behalf of" user B.
User A has full control on the mailbox of User B (including send mails "On
behalf of" wich is set in the AD)
When Replying on a mail on User B his mailbox everything goes fine, the
receiver sees that the mail is send "On behalf of" user B. so far so good.

When user A want to send a NEW mail "On behalf of" user B, he can choose the
in the From box the name of user B, but the receiver does not see that the
mail is send by user A "On behalf of user B"!!!!

I want to send new mails on behalf another user with the message that it is
send "On behalf of"??

How can i accomplish it?
Please help me out.

Sander Oude Nijhuis


try un-checking the "send as" permission in ad. The delegates option in
outlook is all you need.

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