Samsung SP1614N (160GB) jumper setting


Silence Seeker

Could someone please help me solve this confusion?

I recently purchase a Samsung SP1614N (160GB) HDD. It the single HDD
in my system. It came from the factory with the jumper set as "Master
in lower 32GB (capacity < 32 GB)" as described here:

At installation time, I didn't think much about this and left the
jumper settings as are, successfully installing W2K+SP4 on it.

But now I see these instructions that suggest a different jumper
setting... (see URL above under "Master in upper 32GB(capacity ≥
32 GB)".

Now... I wouldn't be concerned too much about it ("if it works, it
works. right?"), but my mainboard BIOS only identifies this drive as
ATA100 when I know for a fact that it is ATA133 (that's why I bought

I am thinking may be this is connected to the jumper settings, may be
this could mean trouble down the road... I really don't know and I
don't find Samsung's web site too helpful on this.

Anyone has enough experience with this drive to help me understand
what the correct setting is and what am I missing here?

BTW, the instructions on the User Manual contradict my current HDD
jumper setting as well:





Go back to Samsung's HD site and download the HUTIL program. Create a
bootable floppy (format w/system files), run the .exe program (it
creates a HUTIL directory on the floppy), boot from the floppy, under
the tools there is an option to set the UDMA rate, hit enter to go
from 100 to 133, then highlight and run process and when you boot up
it'll show the drive now at 133. Just did it to my drive today.

another Sam

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