Safari 4 Beta Review


Feb 23, 2002
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Ars Technica take a look at Safari 4 beta, the latest test version of the Apple browser (for Mac and Windows). The interface is very similar to that of iTunes, but hopefully it will be less bloated:

"Headlining Apple's feature list is Top Sites, a display of thumbnails of your most frequently visited sites—perhaps more well known as the "Most Recent" home screen in Google's Chrome browser and Opera's Speed Dial (Microsoft also has a version in betas of IE8). Apple has attempted to innovate here though, by applying a pointless 3D effect to the view.

Top Sites defaults to showing 12 sites, but you can switch between larger screen shots (six only) and smaller thumbnails (20). In addition, you can permanently remove any site from being displayed or make a site sticky regardless of its status on your frequently visited list. Clicking any site will zoom and fade the viewport (the area where the page is rendered) into the browser's last-saved thumbnail, replacing it when the site has finished loading."

You can read more at Ars Technica here. Or if you are feeling lucky, download the beta from here.


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