Running a rule in a different folder



Is there a way to automatically run an Outlook rule on the Junk E-mail
folder, rather than the Inbox? Or, alternatively, to create a Macro to do
this? I'm not a programmer, but seems to me a VBA macro could do this; and
you could assign the macro to a toolbar button to run the rule.


Unfortunately, defined rules cannot be automated with code. You'd have to
code the logic from scratch if you needed fine control over running the rule.

You can run a rule in a specific folder by clicking the Run Rules Now button
on the Rules and Alerts dialog, and click the Browse button to select a

Andy Smith

Eric -- or anyone else: is there really no way to create rules and alerts,
change their parameters, or even examine them in code? There's no way to
enumerate the rules and dump all their parameters to a text file, for
example? Is it really all hidden away? How then is the Rules Wizard

Andy Smith
Senior Systems Analyst
Standard & Poor''s, NYC

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