Create macro to run a rule - Outlook 2003


Jan 12, 2012
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Hi there!

I have to organize a shared mailbox(redirect incoming messages to subfolders, and flag them up).
Since these are 'client only' rules, I have to run them every once in a while. People whom I share mailbox with doesn't understand the whole deal of "running a rule".
I've tried to set up a macro to perform that task with a single click reading stuff in this forums, but still can't make it work. Since i'm not a programmer, I got thousands of error messages, and tons of frustration after several hours.

Would you please help me out?

I need to set up a macro to run 6 rules (from specified sender, to move to specified subfolder & get flag up) on a shared exchange mailbox... without any programming skills.

Thanks a lot!!

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