Macro to Move Messages to an alternative Sent Folder

Jul 3, 2010
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Hi guys!

I have an Outlook rule set to copy messages from my various work-based POP/SMTP accounts to the sent items folder on my GMAIL IMAP account. It's supposed to automatically move the message every time I send one.

However, on every machine I've ever tried to run the rule on (and that's 4 different installations of Win7 and Office 2010!), it has simply stopped working. I never actaulyl get an error message - but when I click on "manage rules and alerts" a day or so after creating the rule, the rule is always unchecked and says "error." If I re-check it, it works for a day or so, then turns off again.

Maybe I should be trying to find out WHY I get this error, but I'm thinking that a macro might be the easier solution.

Wouldn't it be pretty simple to have a macro do this? Maybe even have it run automatically every 10 minutes - or in response to certain events, like a send command? But if that's tricky, I wouldn't mind just attaching the macro to a button and clicking the button whenever I get the urge ...

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