rundll32.exe ...problem with file?


Mike Morris

Everytime i boot up my Windows xp pro, i close
rundll32.exe through task manager. i do this becuase
while rundll32.exe is open, it will prohibit certain
files from running. Example, i clicked on the "setup"
file for my Adobe Photoshop applicaiton and nothing would
happen. The second I closed out of rundll32.exe the setup
popped up. Also, Windows will not shut down until
rundll32.exe is closed out of. It will try and end task
before it shuts down, either that or i close it myself.
This didn't always happen. How can this be fixed? Is it a
serious problem? I use nortons anti-virus software by the

- Mike


I also have this exact same problem. It occured after I
installed the last wave of updates.

perhaps microsoft should look into this.

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