"runas explorer.exe" do work with out ending the process !



hi there!

i found out somthing very interessting.
i was loged in as a normal user on win200 pro.
then i started "runas /user:admin explorer.exe".
and it worked!!
i got a full working explorer with admin rights.
the strange thing is that microsoft says that this do not work.
in the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 225035 it says:

--snip-- http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=225035
"Running the Windows Explorer Shell in Administrative Security Context

While logged on as a normal user:

1. Start Task Manager. Right-click the Task bar and select Task Manager.
2. Click the Processes tab.
3. Select explorer.exe. Click End Process. Click YES on the warning pop-up
The entire desktop will disappear. You will still have any programs that
you started
including Task Manager.
4. Click the Programs tab.
5. Click New Task.
6. Type runas /user:machine/domain name\administrator explorer.exe. Click
7. A Console window will appear and prompt for the password.
Minimize Task Manager, type the password and press Enter.
The desktop will return including the task bar, shortcuts, Startup
folder items, etc.
8. Perform necessary administrative tasks.
For example: clicking Start, Settings and Control Panel will bring up
control panel
in administrative context.
9. When finished, log off Administrator. A new shell will automatically
running in the originating user context."
--snip-- http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=225035

no it comes even more weird.
after i have worked successful with "runas /user:admin explorer.exe"
several times
i cant use it anymore, but i dont know why.
if i run "runas /user:admin explorer.exe" and enter my password nothing
no error message, simply nothing.

do anyone know why this happens?
is there another way to run the explorer in admin mode with out to do the
stuff in the
microsoft article?

thank you for your attention.

p.s. please excuse me for my bad english. i've done my best :)

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