No desktop/explorer.exe in restricted accounts, OK in Administrator




I have read many post there was no desktop/explorer.exe
after login at all, but no similar to my case.

I have W2KPRO SP4 with all updates.

I can login and work with Administrator account as usual,
nothing wrong,

But if I am logged in into my usual restricted account,
only clear screen, no icons, no start menu, only CtrlAltDel works.
According task manager no explorer.exe running.

Explorer is set as a shell, shdocvw.dll is in system32 folder,
all accounts have at least read access to winnt tree,
so does everyone.

The same occured when I created as a test
fresh new restricted ( power user ) account.

I can run programs by
Runas / profile /user:username "command line",
using profile of affected account.

Well, except Iexplore or Maxthon 1.5 as IE frontend.
the former does not launch at all, the latter crashes soon.

FF or Opera works fine. All other programs by runas seem to work fine

Has anyone a idea ( except reinstalling ) if this can be repaired ?


Add note:

if I have replaced taskman by Process Explorer
and run it as taskmanager from ctrlaltdel menu,
this crashes on restricted menu account immediately.

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