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Gerson Guimaraes

Hi all,

I'm trying to follow the next MS text but the explorer.exe is not brought
I'm can't call Settings + Control Panel (shift run as) because gpo is
hiding this by policy.
Could someone test it for me?


Running the Windows Explorer Shell in Administrative Security Context
While logged on as a normal user:
Start Task Manager. Right-click the Task bar and select Task Manager.
Click the Processes tab. Select explorer.exe. Click End Process. Click YES
on the warning pop-up message. The entire desktop will disappear. You will
still have any programs that you started including Task Manager. Click the
Programs tab.Click New Task.
Type runas /user:machine/domain name\administrator explorer.exe. Click OK.

A Console window will appear and prompt for the password. Minimize Task
Manager, type the password and press Enter. The desktop will return
including the task bar, shortcuts, Startup folder items, etc. Perform
necessary administrative tasks. For example: clicking Start, Settings and
Control Panel will bring up control panel in administrative context. When
finished, log off Administrator. A new shell will automatically start,
running in the originating user context.

diasmith [MSFT]

Hello Gerson,

I tested this article out and it worked like a charm.

When you type "runas /user:<machine_name>\administrator cmd" (without the
quotation marks), where <machine_name> is the name of your computer, and
then click OK.

1. Do you leave user as user?

-- if not, this should be user and not a specific user name.

2. The only thing that I can recommed is that you try it one more time,

Thank You.


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Gerson Guimaraes

Hi Diana:

Thanks for your prompt answer. The problem was with the language. I was
typing "runas /user:..." but my windows is in portuguese, so I should type
"runas /usuário:...".
It's ok now.
Thanks agains,


diasmith [MSFT]

Hi Gerson,

No problem, I'm glad that your problem is resolved.


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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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