Run programs on net PCs using the command line



Hi everybody,
I have a small network, say
PC 1 :
PC 2 : etc..

I want to know if it's possible to run a program on a network pc
( PC2) using CMD on PC1.
In particular I would be able to be at PC1 keyboard and tell to the
PC2 via the command line to run a program and print a pdf, doc,
openoffice or other documents. PC1 cannot print anything , it doesn't
have a working net printer driver (don't know why - tried to uninstall
and reinstall the net printer driver several times with no luck).

For instance something like
net use \\\Program_files\Acrobat\Acrord32.exe /t K:
but I know this isn't the right way. The program Acrord32.exe has to
run on PC2 not PC1 in order to work.

I tried the PRINT command on PC1 but it doesn't work on PDF, only text
files (perhaps the Print utility doesn't use the non-working drivers,
it talks directly to the printer???)

I don't want to use remote desktop or VNC because other office workers
on PC2 don't want to see what I am doing - lose control over the mouse



Pegasus said:
The OP should be aware that psexec.exe is restricted to running console
commands. In other words, no GUIs!

Just to be awkward, that's not strictly true.

From a local machine I can invoke an instance of any executable that I
want from the command line, remotely, including GUI programs - I just
won't be able to see the GUI.

You do this by running a remote copy of cmd.exe and then once in that
you can run what you want. It is perfectly possible to run an instance
of explorer using PSExec, but it will run on the remote machine.

Much fun can be had calling a VB script that pops up a carefully worded
message box on the remote desktop, to the consternation of the user!
You can even schedule it to happen at a set time, using the "at"
command, so you can be standing next to the user when it goes off!

Not that I would do that to my users, of course.

However, I believe the OP was in fact asking about command line access.


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