Run AutoArchive every X days




Under Tools... Options... Other tab... AutoArchive, there
is an option to choose "Run AutoArchive every X days".
When does the count for the days start? As soon as you
click Apply and OK? In other words, how does AutoArchive
know that the specified number of days have elapsed and
it's time to run AutoArchive?

I'm trying to synchronize my users so that all computers
will run AutoArchive on the same day. And then I will back
up their archive.pst files to a tape backup that night.

Is this do-able?

Thanks for your help,




It will count from the last time it did an AutoArchive. If this is never
than it counts from when you enabled it.

Synchronising sounds like a hard task as all people have to be in an logon
to Outlook on that specific day as well. It should be "about" synchronsized
the first couple of times.

Note that you cal also AutoArchive by hand;
File-> Archive...

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Hi Roady,

Thank you for your excellent replies to my recent posts.
I need some clarification:

1. If a user is out of the office (e.g. vacation) when
the X days have elapsed, and let's say they return
to the office 3 days later, would their AutoArchive
automatically run as soon as the user opens Outlook?

2. If the answer is yes to #1, then this user's X days
will be out of sync with everyone else.

3. If I go the manual archive route, File... Archive,
do I use the following steps:

a. Tools... Options... Other tab... AutoArchive
b. Remove the checkmark in the box for the
"Run AutoArchive every X days" options.
c. Send an email to everyone when it's time for
them to do a manual archive.

4. If the answer to #3 is yes, then the user will have
to do the manual archive once each for Calendar,
Deleted Items, Drafts, Inbox, Journal, Outbox,
Sent Items, Tasks.

Thanks again,




You're welcome! :)

1) yes

2) yes

3) then you'll have the problem that they can skip it. Better is to go for
the initial idea. When you install the Office Resource Kit you can import
adm-templates into your group policy editor. This way you can force the
autoarchive setting upon everybody so they can't disable it either.

4) even if 3 is yes then the answer to 4 is no. If you select the above
option to archive all folders you're done.

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