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Andy in Scotland

I've set up a rules to move incoming mail from several POP accounts to
folders for them. Problem is that when I go back and look at the rules the
specified account has changed to a different account (other than the one I
specified when I set up the rule). The rules themselves all work, but it
keeps changing the account. If I go in and select the specified account to
the right one, click OK then I go back to rules wizard & it's changed again!
Any fix?

(PS: already deleted all, started again, followed as per MS instructions
perfectly, using OL2002, lates updates installed)

Vince Averello [MVP - Outlook]

It's a shot in the dark but have you tried removing & readding the mail

Andy in Scotland

good idea, I went to my email accounts and simply changed the order of them
in the window... that solved it for most of the account rules!
I imagine deleting and reinstating them might solve it properly. (no time
right now though) Obviously a bug but this seems to be a possible solution.


I had the same issue and had trouble finding a solution. Your post helped!
I tried changing the account order which did stop the specified account from
changing when hitting "apply". However, my original account's mail also went
to the new specified account. I wound up deleting the profile and setting up
a new profile with a new pst file. Readded the mail accounts and the rules
and it works like a charm now!

Jason Reese
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Small Business Specialist
Reese IT

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