Faulty Rules and duplicate email downloads



I have created multiple inbox sub-folders for the various email accounts we
use. I created rules to check emails as they arrive, from specified account,
and move to specified [inbox-sub folders]. I have created a rule for each
email account and each inbox sub folder.

Two problems continue to happen and I can't find a way to stop it.

First, the rules gets messed up when I apply, then close the rules wizard.
The specified account link changes from the intended account to another
(random) existing account - causing the rule to sort the wrong account into
the wrong folder. This is true on 50% of the rules I've created.

Second issue: (may or may not be related), is when outlook sends and
recieves emails, it consistently downloads previously downloaded emails and I
end up with 400+ duplicate emails that I have to individually delete, only to
have those emails downloaded again. All of my email accounts are set to A)
leave messages on the server, and B) delete from the server after 5 days.

When I check my webmail for these email accounts (either direct to my ISP
website or check through GMAIL. There are no duplicate emails, so I know its
not through my ISP. This is only happening in Outlook.

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