Rules problem AFTER copying .pst file to another computer



I transfer my .pst file from my laptop to my desktop everytime I come home
for a buisness trip. (The easiest and best way I have found to be able to
take my outlook file with me when I go on the road, please suggest a better
way of synchronizing if you know of a better way than just copying the LARGE
..pst file, nearly 2 gigs.)

The problem is that after the copy of the .pst file, the rules are
corrupted. I hvae to go back and tell it the 'specific folder' again to work
with. After the copy of the .pst, the rule is written in red and instead of
the name of the folder it should be pointing to it says 'specific folder'.

I have posted this before and nobody has a solution. It continues to
frustrate me, so I am trying again.





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