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I created a rule in Outlook 2003 directly from a message by right clicking.
When I looked at the message it had (for other machine) against it. What does
this mean
Thank you



Robert Findlay [MSFT]

The "for other machine" note is ussually seen when a client side rule is
setup and stored on an Exchange server and then you log onto your account
from another computer. The client side rules created on the other computer
would show "for other machine". I do not know why you are seeing this on
your rules but there should be a check box in the rule that you can go and
uncheck to remove "for other machine" status.

I hope this information is helpful.

Robert Findlay
Partner Technical Lead -- BizApps
Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications


Hi Robert

There is a check box to the left of all the rules in the Rules and Alerts
dialog box some of them have a tick in them and others don't. What do the
check boxes signify? I've found the check box in the Rules Wizard and
unchecking that has removed (from other machine).




Jim Henderson


I am having the same problem. Every rule I create with the "Create Rule
Icon" automatically sets it up with the senders name and with following "(1)
(For other machine)"??? But I have only one machine, only one login profile,
no network so I am not sure what other machine Outlook is talking about. At
one time, I was logging onto an Exchange Server (a year ago) and there are
still some things that I cannot clean up (ePolicy Orchestrator from Symantec
is one) so it may be that "Once on Exchange, always plagued by Exchange
settings". The quick fix is to open the rule in the Tools menu, uncheck the
"For Other Machine" box and save it. A pain, but it works. Just time
consuming to have to clean up each rule.

Jim H.

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