Rule Resulting in Multiple Copies of One email in Different Folder


Pat P

I'm using Outlook 2007 standalone, no Exchange. I have about 5 email
accounts. One particular account - account "B" - has about 10 rules sorting
that incoming mail into various folders. Those rules are working fine. The
rule I'm having trouble with is the "last resort" rule. If the email comes in
through account "B", none of the 10 rules applies to it, I want it to go to
folder "2". What I'm getting is the email staying in the Inbox, going to
folder "2" and showing up in the Deleted folder - all unread. Part of this
problem, besides just being inefficient, is that I have Outlook set to show
me how many unread messages I have in each folder. The result is a lot of
wasted time deleting messages that aren't where they should be. I have tested
this by moving the rule to the top of this list of rules and to the bottom of
the list. I've played with various versions of "stop processing rules". I've
gotten various results, but so far, not the result I want - one unread email
in folder "2" ONLY. Here's the current rule:
Apply this rule after the message arrives; through the "B" account and on
this machine only; move it to the "2" folder and delete it and stop
processing more rules. The box is checked to "turn on this rule."

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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