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I have a new Blackberry 8830 and am using Outlook 2003 (11.8313.8221) SP3.

I have all my email going to the exchange server. When I send an email
from the computer, it goes to the send folder. But when I send from the
Blackberry, I wasn't getting a copy of the email in my Sent folder.

I created a server-side rule

'Apply this rule after the message arrives
move it to the Sent Items folder'

This got the email into the sent folder.

But my problem is that I have a client-side rule that copies all my sent
email from the exchange server mail box to my local sent items folder. The
rule works only with email I send from the computer, not those sent from the

'Apply this rule after I send the message
through the Microsoft Exchange Server account
and on this machine only
move a copy to the Sent Items folder'



Roady [MVP]

The "specific account" account condition makes it a client side rule.

Depending on the way you connect to the Exchange server via your Blackberry,
a server-side rule like that would fire since the Blackberry doesn't trigger
it. Contact Blackberry support if it is possible to sync back your Sent
Items to the server; Outlook does not play a role in this.


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