Rule to move forwarded Blackberry emails to specified folder


Steve Vincent

I'm using Outlook 2003 and my Blackberry Curve 8320 is set up to forward all
of its incoming emails to my home Outlook account. I created a rule in
Outlook to move emails with the Blackberry email address (let's call it
(e-mail address removed)) in the "To" box to a "Blackberry" folder. The problem
is when I receive emails with multiple addresses in the "To" box, it still
moves those emails to the "Blackberry" folder. I only want to move emails
where there is only one address in the "To" box ([email protected]) to
the Blackberry folder, but Outlook 2003 rules doesn't seem to have a
criterion for something like "Sent ONLY to...". It only has "Sent to people
or distribution list". There IS a "Sent only to me". But "me" isn't the
correct address.

It's curious to me that the "To" box on these forwarded emails has my
Blackberry address in it ([email protected]), and not my Outlook email
address in it. I'm wondering if the Blackberry is using the Bcc field to
forward the Blackberry's incoming emails to my Outlook account? I don't see
my home/Outlook email address anywhere in the incoming emails.

I also noticed that some of the emails have this long and complicated "From"
address, something like
ON BEHALF OF (whoever the sender was). I tried copying this "From" string
(all the way up to the "" portion) as the "From" in another
rule, and the rule worked for some of the forwarded emails, but not all of
them. I noticed this complicated "From" string is identical in all of the
forwarded/incoming emails, so I thought this might be the key. But as I
said, it fails to move all of the emails.

Is there any way to specify something like, "where ONLY
(e-mail address removed) is in the To box" ? Any suggestions will be greatly
appreciated. My inbox is overflowing with forwarded Blackberry emails... :-/


Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

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What does this have to do with Outlook?

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