Crunchy Cat
Jun 1, 2006
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I just might shred my catnip mouse and run up the curtains!! Why are my whiskers bristling? Well it's all rubbish really... literally that is. Our local Council decided to go green - like most others - but, could they find a simple way to go about it? Oh no, that would be too easy, it's much more fun to confuse the householders and have us all getting into a muddle over which bin should be put out on which day :rolleyes:

Gone are the one-day-per-week collections. Now, there are one or two per week, depending upon the phase of the moon, (or maybe just the whim of some little jobsworthy.)

Rubbish, will now only be collected fortnightly. Fair enough, but instead of keeping to the usual day (a Friday) they decided to change that to a recycling collection day - weekly. The rubbish will now be collected on Mondays, but fortnightly, however, food waste caddies are also collected Mondays, but weekly! .....Aaarrgh!

Bin lids must be firmly closed, or they will not be collected... and woe betide anyone who leaves a bin out for too long... it's punishable by firing squad! :lol: That was interesting during the snowy weather, when the Refuse Executives/Operatives (whatever bin men are entitled these days) couldn't make their collections. The side streets, estates and non-main routes had not been gritted, so were not accessible to the refuse wagons.

The streets have been clear for several days now. So on Sunday morning (eh...??) there is a roaring engine and hiss of air brakes, oh look, the bin men have arrived! But which bins were they looking for? Recycling? Rubbish? Goodness knows, people were not expecting them, so the wheelies were not on parade, apart from one or two, who's owners must be psychic. Duh!

Okay, rant over.... I feel better after that!! :lol:


Yorkshire Cruncher
Mar 21, 2007
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Got to give all those Council staff something to do. :D

Devising incomprehensible rotas means that they are the only ones who understand them and that, of course, means that they become unsackable. :p


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