Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto V


Jan 31, 2005
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Rockstar Games’ Vice President has apparently confirmed that a fifth edition of Grand Theft Auto is on the cards.

In an interview with The Times, Dan Houser said: “We'll think of a city first, then the characters,” in response to questions about plans for a successor to GTA IV.

The news is hardly unexpected as it’s well known that Rockstar is keen to cash in on the videogame series’ huge success – GTA: The Movie hasn’t been ruled out by the publisher, for example.

However, Houser wasn’t willing to confirm when GTA V will be unveiled - or launched.

But videogames analyst Michael Pachter – who claimed back in July that Rockstar had confirmed development of GTA V to him - reckons the new edition will appear in late 2010 or early 2011.

As for GTA V’s plot, no one outside of Rockstar yet knows. But Houser also said that the game’s script will run to roughly 1000 pages.

Allso Rockstar opens up about GTA-based film

Rockstar Games’ Vice President has admitted that a film based on the Grand Theft Auto videogame series isn’t totally out of the question.

Fans of the adult title have long argued in favour of GTA: The Movie, but Dan Houser has since said that unspecified internal creative doubts must first be overcome before such a project could realistically go ahead.

“If we ever decide to do a film, it will be because we have resolved our creative doubts”, Houser told newspaper the LA Times. He also added that Rockstar would need to retain enough control to ensure that, should the movie be a box-office disaster, “at least we will know we ruined the property ourselves”.

Whether the movie would be based on GTA IV’s upcoming second update - The Ballad of Gay Tony, or just a mishmash of gunfire, police chases, car stunts and flattened pedestrians, remains to be seen.

But you’d be wise not to hold your breath for a premiere anytime soon, because Houser still retains further doubts about the project’s chances of success.

“We don’t believe that the Grand Theft Auto games, which are massive in scope and structurally complex, can be adequately compressed into a two-hour movie”, added Houser.


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Strange to think that this grew from a simple heads down view 2D computer video game that broke boundaries by encouraging the driver to run pedestrians over.

Good fun in it's day, GTA 1 is now available as a freebie download from Rockstar.

I'm still ploughing through GTA IV on and off, I got fed up with GTA III about two thirds of the way through, wonder how long before GTA V hits the racks?

Have to say, incidentally, GTA IV is a HUGE improvement on GTA III, I'm still enjoying guiding our Eastern European friend around a pseudo New York, but I do wonder how far the game's concept has strayed from it's actual title.
Mar 5, 2004
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I completed the fourth about February time I think. It tells you total game time and I think it was about 55 hours! haha.

It's a great game, I love the scenario approach to it. Would love a first person shooter game which had that kind of scenario approach rather than just shooting aliens etc.

Anyway, I've literally just bought a PS3 over here in Oz and am getting GTA-IV from my sister at Christmas time so I can play it again. It's incredibly playable. :)

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