Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Jun 29, 2004
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Hey Yall,
Why hasn't anyone said anything about the new grand theft auto, I get gameinformer and they talked about it, MAN-------> YALL have got to check this game out. From what Ive read you will be able to swim(you couldn't do that in previous versions.) Their's more you can ride a bike and build and run a casino. This grand theft auto is about 10x bigger than all the others, their is one state and three cities in it. This time in the game you are a man named Carl Johnson. The game setting is California and it is the 1990's. Music, cars and other settings will be based on the 1990's. Unlike the other gta's where you could never go inside the buildings, and the only time you did was to save the game. This new one lets you go inside and interact with surroundings inside. Another unique thing about this gta is that now you will see hillside and mountains.
Well thats the DODGERULES update,
Later YALL!!!! :cool:
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Feb 23, 2002
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Hi DodgerRules, welcome to the site!

If the game sounds as good as it does, I may have to invest in it ;) I love game when you can just do what you want, I think its the anarchist in me!

Do you have any links to a game preview or screenshots?


Cookie Monster
May 21, 2004
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I'm definatly looking forward to the new GTA. I loved GTA 3 and VC, probably prefered GTA3 because the VC blurry graphics (PS2, i couldnt wait that long for the PC release!) got on my nerves!

I've heard though the draw distance is supposed to be alot better than the other 2, so hopefully cars wont just pop out form no where when im attempting one of the longest wheelies!

The not drowning thing should be extrememly helpful, becuase sometimes when leaving or entering a boat you sometimes fall in the water (well i do) and it can be very frustrating.

I hope they slap in some fun vehicles like trikes (them 3 wheel motorbikes), maybe hover craft? as a bonus if you do something special.

I think they had the guns down to a tea on VC, except the super sniper rifles laser sight was a little hard to use over great distances, so i would prefer a fixed lens dot.

It would be kool if they put in a hop up garage so you could buy some 20's for your car, maybe some hydrolics fitted aswell, and a custom 2 tone paint job :p.

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