RIS problems



New to a company and trying to fix all their problems....;-)

first is that when trying to delete a bunch of stale images, i get an error
referencing a crypto key buried in the image. The error states the file isnt
there, and it refers to a different file for each image so its not a single
use problem.

The second is that since the sys admin tried to delete some files to make
room on the RIS server, i get an error "unable to find message text 1%* **and
corresponding message text 2%**, and am unable to upload any new images ??

any help would be greatly appreciated as this is one of several piles on my




A couple of points:

1. The RIS server uses something called a grovler, which
steamlines the RIS volume by eliminating redundant data.
This means that it does not keep multiple copies of the
same file. If some files are eliminated, then it may
interfere with the deployment of images.

2. All RIS images are dependant on the initial CD-based
image which was used to create it. If there are any
modifications which are made to the CD-based image, the
all of the correstponding RIS images can potentially fail
to deploy.

What this means:
1. a. If there were files deleted from the RIS volume,
then they were most likely originals.
1. b. Why exactly were they trying to "make space" I fear
that they kept the RIS images on the same volume as the
system. Is this fact?
2. If the CD based image is in anyway modified, then the
RIS images won't work. Are the RIS images able to be



You are quite right about the Single Instance Storage Groveler service which
scans SIS volumes for duplicate files, but the 'files' you see in the file
system for the images where this service is run are not the master copies of
the file, just pointers, so you wont delete the original.


i was able to correct the error message by restoring the template files on
the cd image, but still cant kill those crypto keys. The system is in poor
service anyway, with dozens of stale images and duplicates, they actually
were running out of room on the server. Yes they keep the cd images with the
ris images, and they also use this server as a DC. Now the "test" xp images
they were working on are coming up with the infamous "image doesnt contain
the correct nic driver"......i suspect this will be ongoing...LOL. But any
suggestions on how to kill off those last RSA files will be apprectiated





Well when I've come across that problem before, I have managed to delete the
files by using the del command in the command prompt. For some reason,
Windows Explorer doesn't seem to like the path to the files.

You can solve the incorrect NIC problem by adding the correct driver files
into the i386 folder of the CD-based image. These will usually be a .sys
file, a .cat file & an .inf file. I have found also that some drivers that
are included in the base image do not support some newer NICs & need to be
updated with newer versions of the .sys file (rename the old one *.old
instead of deleting it just in case!). Once new driver files are placed in
the i386 folder, restart the BINL service on the DC & when you first try to
connect to the RIS server using the new drivers, you should see the .inf
files compiled into .pnf files with the same name.

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