RIS problem



I am haveing a problem with winXp pro and RIS. I can
boot it of the network, partition it, and then it copies
the files from a cd-based image with sp1 slipstreamed. The
problem I am haveing is once the files are copied and it
reboots and starts to load windows for the first time it
hangs. It will work if I use a actual xp cd but if I use
ris it hangs. I know that the image works because I can
push it to all of the older machines in the network
without a problem. We are using dell 450, 4100, and
8200's. I have even tried using a flat file image of just
the cd without any service packs. This is occuring on 25
machines we just got them in from another campus location
where they were not using RIS before. Any help would be
appreciated. Also win 2k pro work just fine on these
machines with RIS.






Thats not a option at the moment and I believe with the
ris updates it is basically the same. I have traced it
down to the network card. But we have these same cards in
a bunch of other machines. The machines are able to boot
into safe mode without network support.

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