RIS, NIC problem


myrt webb

I am running into a consistent problem with my attempts to
use RIS.

Every time I start a computer to use RIS the procedure
starts normally: an IP address is obtained, the CIW is
downloaded from the RIS server and starts. Everything goes
fine until the CIW goes to "Starting Windows 2000" and
then the screen goes blank.

Apparently the problem is that a driver is not downloaded
for the NIC. I have loaded drivers according to the
instructions in Q315279 for the CD image. The RIprep image
has the NIC driver in the image. But, no matter which
image I attempt to use the same results occur.

There must be something else I am missing.

NIC Student

Have you integrated Service Packs into your RIS images? Have a look at

A RIS Client Installation May Hang at the "Setup Is Starting Windows 2000"

RIS Installation Stops if the Network Cable Uses Port B of a Dual-Port
Network Adapter

RIS Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" Screen

Scott Baldridge
Windows Server MVP, MCSE

"myrt webb"

Myrt Webb

I really appreciate your help on this but one thing still
eludes me.

How do I download service pack files so they are separate?
When I go to the MS update site it only offers to download
and install the SP's.

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