RIS installs incorrect image



We have a windows 2003 RIS server here that has been working ver well
for us. Initially, we made a single windows XP Pro (w sp2) image that
we used. Eventually, we added a couple additional SIF files to it
using Risetup, which helped keep our various drivers from fighting.

I've been trying to get Windows XP Tablet 2005 to work through RIS, and
have been having a heck of a time. I create a new OS image from
risetup using the XP Tablet 2005 disk and give it a sif file which
points it to the right place for drivers.

All of that works fine, however, when I RIS a tablet PC using the new
image, it comes up with Windows XP SP2 on it! I've tried all sorts of
combinations of things, but still end up with the same thing in the
end. It installs, and doesn't throw any errors, however, when it's
done, it has the other image's OS on it. When I check the properties
of the image I made through the ADU&C interface for RIS, it shows that
it's pointing to the correct folder for the Tablet edition.

Any ideas? I'm pullin my hair out over here! =)


Ha! Figured it out. The CD sent to us labelled as XP Tablet 2005
actually contains none other than XP Pro w/SP2. Must have been a
labelling mistake somewhere in MS's procedures.

Hopefully all this hair will grow back now.

Diane McCorkle

That is indeed the correct CD for Tablet 2005, and MCE 2005, and Pro with
SP/2 integrated
It's the product key that "flips the switch" for it to install Pro, Tablet,
or MCE.



Ah, thank you Diane. I had begun to suspect that a little bit in
looking around the web and at the second cd.

Now I just need to find that other cd key around our purchasing dept.
somewhere, and I should be gold.

Thanks again, it likely would have been a while before I'd have gone
hunting for a different cd key.

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