Moved RIS images to new partition



I have been using W2K server with RIS to deploy my images. I had the
REMINST share setup on the D:\ drive as required (not on system partition)
by RIS. My D: drive was getting way to full so I moved the D:\RemoteInstall
folder over to F:\RemoteInstall with Robocopy so all the security settings
for the files and folders followed. I also stopped the share for REMINST on
D:\RemoteInstall and shared it out on the F:\RemoteInstall folder and made
sure the share level permissions were the same (Everyone Full)

Now when I try to do a RIS install I can log in to the RIS setup wizard and
answer all the RIS install questions. But right when I come out of the RIS
wizard and Windows starts to setup I get an error:

"INF file tmp\{my GUID}.sif is corrupt or missing, status. Setup cannot
continue. Press any key to exit."

Did I miss a step in moving RIS to a new drive? Can I even do it?


Never mind. I restarted the Boot Information service, but I did not restart
the TFTP service.

Now it works.

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